March 17, 2012

It's St. Patrick's Day! Let's all drink green beer and pretend we give a shit about the Irish.

I mean, I'm not complaining.

This day provides freedom to start drinking at 10am without judgement. What?

I do have something I would like to take up with the government though. Why do we get days off for frivolous holidays like Washington's Birthday and Columbus Day, when we don't get work off for important holidays like Superbowl and St. Patrick's Day? This year I will let it slide, because St. Pat's is on a Saturday. But next year I'm going to take some real action. No, I won't. I will actually just continue to call in sick on the most obvious days of the year. It's actually pretty embarrassing. Me on Friday before: "Does everyone have their party pants on?! See ya lata suckas! Time to get it poppin'!" Me on Monday: "Wow, I've really come down with something, I'm not going to make it in to work today. I know, so weird. Not sure what happened. On second thought, I might not be in tomorrow either."

The creativity has really been flowin' around here, guys. I mean look at these super original shamrock cookies I made.

Yeah, pretty standard. How presh are these colors, though? Seriously diggin' the light green. 

Oh, and wanna know why I'm a badass? I'm not wearing green today.

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