March 20, 2012

That one time the Internet was totally wrong.

Did you guys know cupcakes are totes 2011? As in they are no longer the "in" thing? They have been replaced by cake pops, which I think is complete BS because I heard cake pops are ridic hard to make. Rude.

The Washington Post published an 'in' and 'out' list at the beginning of 2012. And at first I was totally down with it. Because everything that gets published on the Internet is true, yeah? Ok, they say Google+ is out, Pinterest is in (duh). Bandage dresses are out, wide-leg trousers are in. Groupon is out, coupons are in. I can handle this.

So there I am, just innocently scrolling down the list, checking things off, making notes to myself. Then BAM. Out of nowhere they try to tell me Ryan Gosling is out, being replaced by Michael Fassbender. Who is this old man, and why is he replacing my boyfriend? Is this a sick joke? No, the source is totally legit... It's not April 1... Ashton Kutcher is nowhere to be seen. This is seriously messed up.

In addition to being completely wrong about RG, The Washington Post seems to have forgotten a few others. I helped them out with a little list of my own.

out: Discovery channel's Shark Week
in: AMC's Mob Week (gang sta. gang gang sta.)

out: Hot yoga
in: Any other form of exercise that doesn't make me feel like I'm burning in hell

out: Dudes that are proper
in: Dudes that know the proper use of 'your' and 'you're'

out: Pretend life via Facebook
in: Real life

out: Jeggings
in: Pajama Jeans

Kidding about the last one. Or am I.....................

In honor of staying super hip, I have boycotted cupcakes as of late. Instead I made cookies cupcakes. They aren't technically cupcakes, so therefore I'm not violating any trends of 'cool'. Kind of like how Ryan Gosling isn't technically my boyfriend, but we all know he would build me a house if it came down to it.

Not sure if these even look like cupcakes. Let's just roll with it, yo.

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