February 27, 2012

Little Boxes...

...on the hillside. Little boxes made of ticky tacky.

I actually don't watch Weeds. It's not reality, so therefore I do not deem it worthy of my time. And my time is obviously extremely important. True story: My roommate and I sat in the same positions on the couch for 6 hours straight when we discovered a marathon of Dateline was on TLC last Friday. Multiple hours of murder? Don't mind if I do! After getting up to go pee we stayed stationary for another 3.

Back to the houses. Please don't be distracted with my ridiculously advanced picture taking skills. If these aren't high quality I don't know what is. I got my cookie inspiration from Bake at 350 (read: copied) but mine are slightly lacking in the cozy cottage look. We are going for the more contemporary look (read: too lazy).