January 24, 2012

Oh snow she didn't

I decided on the 23rd of December I should probably get started on my Christmas shopping. This was not wise, considering I also had to make a good 3 dozen sugar cookies AND pick up gifts on my clueless father's behalf AND get caught up on Teen Mom.

The one plus side to my urgency was that I didn't have time to shop for myself, which is actually what got me into this mess in the first place. It seems each time I attempt to get my shopping done I somehow magically end up at H&M or Anthropologie... Oh weird! I'm in the women's section at Nordstrom. How the hell did that happen? I guess I should just buy this shirt in my size and go home then...

I made these cookies for a Christmas party. It's a good thing I have these bad boys documented on film because I'm pretty sure no one saw them. Well, they saw them, but it's likely no one remembered seeing them. What can I say, my friends and I still act like we are 18 and consume ungodly amounts of alcohol in order to have a good time. But we also drink wine and dress up like adults sometimes to offset our childish (awesome) behavior.

Just look at these gems glistening in the sunlight. It's no mistake I'm posting these, either. Seattle actually got snow last week...hallelujah! Since one snowflake fell, I didn't have to go into work for 3 days. I'm just kidding, there were at least four snowflakes.

What I did learn from this experience, aside from how to get work done while simultaneously watching Ellen, is that I should never EVER be allowed to work from home. Day 3 I looked at myself and realized I had a grave situation on my hands. I hadn't changed my sweatshirt in days, there was peanut butter smeared on my mouse, I found M&Ms down my shirt, it was frightening.

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  1. Oh please. No one changed their sweatshirt that week.