January 31, 2012

Girl meets KitchenAid: a love story.

I'm pretty sure this is the post where I'm supposed to say something along the lines of "I hate Valentine's Day." Or maybe go so far as to say, "I hate people that smile." (please tell me you've seen the Shit Single Girls Say vid on YouTube).

But you guys, who needs a boyfriend when you have a seafoam green KitchenAid mixer? I think my love for it is unhealthy. Sometimes I catch myself staring at it longingly for extended periods of time. iwishiwaskidding.

If you can't tell, these cookies are love letters. In honor of Valentine's Day! Adddorrrrrrrrr.

They aren't addressed to anybody because I ran out of icing. Ok...maybe I didn't have anyone to address them to. Somehow writing "To: Mom" just seemed slightly more depressing than leaving them blank. If that's even possible.

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  1. you don't need a boyfriend