June 3, 2012

Nerd alert

So it's kind of awesome having a blog, because I can say whatever I want. Which ultimately means I can make myself look effortlessly social and popular and trendy. Spoiler alert: I'm not really that cool. For the most part, I'm actually a huge nerd.

- I prefer books over movies. Maybe over people. And I'm not exaggerating when I say I would rather stay at home doing arts and crafts than go drink and be social with other humans. My recent addiction to making friendship bracelets is spiraling out of control and I'm kind of worried for my social life.

- My favorite radio station? Warm 106.9, duh. Delilah is my gurl. I obviously have it as preset in my car, but I switch the channel to something hip before getting out or whenever someone is riding with me so that I look cool.

- I'm terrified of competitive sports. It actually ranks #2 on my list of fears, right behind earthquakes. I would rather be trapped in a room with Heidi Montag (aka most annoying person ever) than participate in any sort of physical activity with others. But I will whoop your ass in Monopoly or Scrabble or any other board game that involves sitting.

- Documentaries are my FAVE. Oh boy do I love a good depressing documentary. Preferably one that involves drugs or prostitutes or bears a general sense of people being miserable and abused. I used to kind of be afraid for myself (am I a heartless psychopath?) until I discovered my roommate is as equally into this shit. Us at the movie store:

"Can I help you ladies find anything?"
"Soooo what's your selection on serial killer documentaries lookin' like? Got any fucked up new releases? The weirder the better."

Although we must be careful with this because once we were presented with a documentary about people who cut off their own limbs. They literally cut off their perfectly good arms and legs because they feel they don't belong on their body. Not that we ended up renting it or anything...

So what does someone possessing such varied and awe-inspiring interests do on a Friday evening? Stay up until 2am making these super sweet pinwheel cookie pops while watching a documentary about meth in America, of course.

I was contemplating doing meth myself while making these, because for some reason no one has created a cookie cutter in the shape of a pinwheel so I had to construct one myself. OH THE HUMANITY.

Speaking of meth, I made these for an adorbs little birthday party for some twins.


  1. I just stumbled across your post while searching for pin wheel shaped cookie cutters because I have decided I Need to make these for my daughters birthday in 2 weeks. I am desperate to know HOW you made your pin wheels. Also what kind of icing did you use? I have never made a cookie like this before so any hints you can give would be most appreciated.

  2. Hi Erin! For the pinwheel shape I cut out my own template using the cardboard from a cereal box. Keepin' it classy for sure. I first drew a square using a ruler and added triangles, if that makes sense. I then put the template on top of the rolled out dough and cut around it with a knife. The key to making this work is by refrigerating the cookie dough overnight so it doesn't get too soft when handling it.

    After the cookies are on the baking sheet stick a lollipop stick through the bottom and bake.

    As for the icing, I always use royal icing. It's somewhat tricky to work with so I recommend doing a couple practice runs with it before you try it on the pinwheels if you're able. Here is a really great tutorial I used when first using royal icing: http://www.beeinourbonnet.com/2011/03/basics-of-sugar-cookies-and-royal-icing.html

    I would also watch a couple YouTube videos on how to decorate with royal icing to get a better idea of what the consisteny of the icing should look like.

    I hope this helps! Feel free to email me with any other questions or if you want me to go into detail on any of the above :) maddbakes@gmail.com

  3. Have you seen THE BRIDGE? (documentary on the suicides off the Golden Gate Bridge, a web cam was set up. God Bless America.)

  4. I made my cookies with shout outs to you!

  5. Hi!
    I have been searching the internet for someone to make these for my daughter's first birthday party! Would you be willing to make them and ship them and how much do you charge? I am in Southern California.